Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
Issue: 38   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Editors note MadamNyxxie

Welcome to Issue number 38 of the Bootleggers Buzz! It was safe to say that many of us writers were getting ready to write our "boring week" articles that we save ideas for just in case nothing happens this week. However, our eyebrows raised, our mouths salivated and our hands clapped after the slightest sign of some action, keyword: some.

Now although we are sad to see many members of a certain crew perish, we strive for action-- it excites us and we are grateful for every last minute of sweet rustle and bustle of the Game Forum.

So some of us gracefully put down our "boring week" articles to save for another day. Don`t worry, we weren't upset. Buzz writers, aside from the entire crew of Revelation, are the only people to enjoy seeing death on Bootleggers and for the sake of the story, even our own death excites us!

This week, we have a special give away for the Buzz contest! 5litre has generously given us the Pennsylvania Slot Machine to give away in this week`s Buzz contest! So put on your thinking caps, or just guess away and good luck! We thank 5litre for the opportunity and to add to the prize, if the winner`s wealth is below "rich," we will be giving the winner an extra $500,000!

We announced last week's Buzz contest winner and as always, we have our weekly articles. Three lovely ladies star in this week`s "Behind the Name," and player`s got to state their opinions on the new Auto Burglary features in the "Buzz Soundoff." This week`s debate is a juicy one and we hope you take part in stating your opinion when the official topic is up. We also have a new weekly article addition which I hope will become popular. Please read the "Sponsored Contests" article to learn about it! What`s better than winning free cash?

We'd love to hear what you think of the Buzz thus far. We have almost published our 40th issue and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make it enjoyable to you. Many have came to Air and I stating that they love the Buzz and think it is the most popular it has ever been since the Buzz started way back and that brings smiles to our faces. We work hard for you and hope you are happy with what we publish. So feel free to post your opinions in the official Buzz topic upon publishing or notify both Air and MadamNyxxie your opinions. Since we are both editors and lead busy lives, sending your opinion to one of us will leave the other in the dark. So make sure to forward it to both of us-- or just make your life easy and use the Game Forum post! Good, bad, neutral opinion? Ideas on contests or articles? State it! We want to hear it!

As always, we are looking for writers! If you are a talented writer (like all our others!), please feel free to send in a sample article to as soon as you can. Mind your grammar, punctuation, spelling and choice of article! Read issue # 36`s article titled Wanted: Talented Writers! on how you can get your way to the Buzz forum as an official writer!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this week`s issue of the Buzz, there is a chock-full to read as we have the MOST Freelance articles as we have ever had!

Thank you, Enjoy the Read and Happy Gaming!

The Supremacy Taken Over and Returned Mika

A few killings resulted in a takeover of The Supremacy. Well, for 12 hours anyway.

Read the entire article...

Can You Hear Me Now? JustDrew

The mute feature has been updated to show players the reason behind the mute

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Buzz Contest! MadamNyxxie

Enter for your chance to win the Pennsylvania Slots!

Read the entire article...

New Weekly Addition: Sponsored Contests! MadamNyxxie

Ever wanted to sponsor your own contest that will be featured on the Buzz? With this new addition on trial, you now can!

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Auto Burglary : Improvement or Setback? Trippy

This is the case of... "DUDE! Where's my Car?!... This isn't Where I parked it!"

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Behind the Name MadamNyxxie

A new week and three lovely ladies as our victims. Are you next?

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Bootleggers Buzz Sound Off! MadamNyxxie

Sound off your opinion about this week's Sound Off debate! Look for a GF thread to post your opinions!

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Buzz Contest Winner MadamNyxxie

Thank you to everyone who took part in last week's contest! And the winner is...

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The Official Buzz Team MadamNyxxie

The team here at the Buzz! Updated!

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Freelance Articles MadamNyxxie

These are the freelance articles for this week.
Best article of the week gets $100,000!

Voluntary VS Recruitment VS The Buzz Riggs

What one would consider a ‘recruitment’ innovation is what another might consider a ‘voluntary’ experiment. But there’s a very fine line in between and it’s called The Buzz. Here’s RIGGS' view...

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Syndicate Cut Short. Refugee

Players can lie left and right and when a Buzz writer questions someone regarding a recent event and all they get are lies, who is the blame? Inside is the corrected version of last week's event!

Read the entire article...

Bullets in Cash or Points? Riggs

Buying bullets with cash will save you a bundle! Click here to see the mathematical formula proving it!

Read the entire article...

Requesting a B.O.S. Refugee

Looking in depth at the Terms of Service, Refugee came across a very interesting new addition!

Read the entire article...

The Split of Revelation? TiTelation

With a war going on within Revelation's crew, could this be the split? (This article was reposted because last week it was mysteriously cut off)

Read the entire article...

Fixes Fixes Fixes nightsofdark

Why hasn't anything further been done about one of the biggest problems in this game; dupes!

Read the entire article...

A True `1337` Gambler? MonsieurM

What separates the bad gamblers to the good gamblers and the good gamblers to the "1337?"

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Spidah, the complete story Spinvis

A hacker? A victim? With this recent information, maybe you should decide!

Read the entire article...

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