Sunday, June 21st, 2009
Issue: 131   Editor: MikaMania

Editors note MikaMania

Welcome to Bootleggers Buzz Issue 131!

Buzz time! Yes sir, another issue is upon you. Issue 131 to be exact, and we start of with some good news. After having been hostage of revision and exams for quite a while, the majority of our writers are done with their exams and managed to find their way back to our good old Buzz Forum and their writing duties. Because of that, we are proud to offer you larger Buzz than before as we had a few smaller issues during the last couple of weeks. Well, we hope to put those issues behind us and continue with larger issues. Enough of that though, and on to the news!

Yes, the news, because a lot has happened this week, and with a team which is almost back at full strength we managed to cover it far better than we used to. Our writers have prepared articles for you about the crew wipes and attakcs we have seen this week, and there were a couple. First of all Fierce Allegiance met its end as Eternal Labyrinth decided it was time to unleash the power of a State- and Nation Don. However, the crew was not the only one to perish as the will of The Deadly Alliance to return was so strong the crew took out Rise of the Footsoldiers. Last but not least, The Vanguard came under quite a singificant amount of attacks, losing high ranks each time but managing to stay on the statistics page nonetheless. The Buzz has not only focused on the attacks themselves, but also managed to get deeper into the reason for the sudden outbreak of violence.

Apart from crews getting shot off, there were of course also crews to be welcomed onto the statistics. As previously said, The Deadly Alliance made its return this week under the command of one of the more, I never thought I would use the word, oldschool bosses. Furthermore, 23rd Gunslingers Co. managed to get a hand on the spot left vacant by Fierce Allegience after purchasing it from their agressors.

Apart from articles about bloodshed and crews, the Buzz is also covering an interview with Senior Moderator Andy about his job in the Elite Guard, alongside an interview with the one and only Sabin about the roulette he held and eventually gave away in a russian roulette game. Last but not least we have our weekly articles in store for you. 'A Year Back', 'The Weekly Flash' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' have been included in the issue of this week and we hope you will enjoy them all.

Finally, those of you who wish to become a writer are encouraged to submit an application article via the 'Application' option in the drop menu below each Buzz. Although our hyperactive search for writers has come to and end, those with talent and a good article might still find themselves being offered the digital pen of the Bootleggers Buzz writer. You might want to give it a try. After all, who knows? You might be talented and thus... lucky! Either way, please have patience after submitting an application, since our very active search is over it may take a while before you receive a reply to your application.

Well, I can say I have pretty much ran out of information for this Editors Note, it has covered everything I wanted it to cover. All that remains is wishing you a good new week. Enjoy this issue of the Buzz, we worked very hard to get it ready and we hope this pays off. Take care everyone, and stay safe!

Rise of the Footsoldiers shot! BrickTamland

Earlier this week, a new crew ventured onto the Stats, a crew who very little knew anything about, who replaced The Sacred Empire. However, its stay on the Stats was to be a very short one. They were shot in order for The Deadly Alliance to return.

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Nation Don vs. Inflation TheTsjMustGoOn

While billions of dollars flood into the game due to an unlimited max casino held by an Admin, one man tries to stem the inflation. Our very own Nation Don MOON82 shot 14 people he suspected of either duping, money holding, or both. When we caught up with MOON82, he was willing to answer some questions.

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Welcome 23rd Gunslingers Co.! BrickTamland

Following the complete wipe of Fierce Allegiance, rumored to be orchestrated by Eternal Labyrinth, Crixv2, the New York State Don, picked up the spot and renamed it 9ndl. Much later on, the crew was sold. It was sold to a group who had been recruiting on the Game Forum only earlier that day, called 23rd Gunslingers Co.. Fairly unheard of amongst the majority of the Bootleggers population, the crew has arisen and is here to stay.

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Behind the Roulette MikaMania

After having been dared by a casino owner to try and win his roulette, Administrator Sabin managed to acquire the roulette table of Colorado. He planned to give it away in a russian roulette game and to pass the time he decided to put the maximum bet on unlimited to allow players to gamble without any restrictions. The response this triggered from the community was one that was not in the line of expectation.

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Ally, a thing of the past? IShallPersevere

Through time many things change, and this can certainly be said for the development of crews and their allies. When Bootleggers began and the first crews hit the stats, a list of allied crews would be a common site in a crew’s profile. However, as time has progressed and things have changed, this is no longer so ordinary, with secrecy being the key in many aspects of the game, including who you are allied with. However how important are alliances between crews these days

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The Bootleggers Buzz Sound Off! MotherFrick

We felt is was time for another sound off and so we thought of a topic and put up a Game Forum thread. Check the article to see what the topic was and to read the comments of your fellow players!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics QuantumOfIAmAldarion

Check out the statistics of this week!

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A Year Back MikaMania

The state of the game, this time last year.

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The Vanguard Attacked! MotherFrick

Bootleggers has seen many crew wars, some big, some small. One of the more recent ones was the fight between The Vanguard and Gentlemen of Fortune. The Buzz investigates into what exactly sparked this rivalry, by interviewing both parties.

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Fierce Allegiance Wiped QuantumOfIAmAldarion

At the beginning of this week, we saw the crew Fierce Allegiance come under attack from none other than the Nation Don, JRRE. He was shot during the attack, which suggested the end of the attack. However, this wasn’t the case, as Crixv2 stepped in to finish off what was started by the Nation Don. We caught up with Crixv2 and Fierce Allegiance boss QuantumOfIAmAldarion.

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The Deadly Alliance Returns! BrickTamland

After an extremely long time away from Bootleggers, a few days ago, The Deadly Alliance returned to the Stats under LukkyB, an old Boss. Rise of the Footsoldiers was shot in order to make way for them and perhaps the strenth and power the crew once had in Bootleggers will return. The Buzz contacted Agathon, Sarki, and LukkyB himself in order to get a true picture.

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The Story Behind TV-GoF War. MotherFrick

Recently, many players have witnessed attacks on The Vanguard. These attacks were caused by Gentlemen of Fortune. However, it seemed like there was once peace between these crews, when they were united as one, calling themselves, ‘The Maranzano Gentlemen.’ So what has changed since then? The Buzz talk to LaBonzo, boss of The Vanguard and MastaBlasta, a member of Gentlemen of Fortune.

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Usual Suspects, or not? MikaMania

The Buzz had already attempted to cover the appearance of The Usual Suspects in our previous issue, however due to circumstances we were unable to get in touch with the right people and thus only published a small article. As promised the Buzz will feature a more informative article about the crew in this issue. We got in touch with DemonV11, the player responsible for organizing the shootings that got TUS on the statistics.

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An Interview With Andy MotherFrick

Many players on Bootleggers like to dream about, and wonder what life would be like as an Elite Guard member. So the Buzz contacted Andy, one of three current Senior Moderators.

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The Weekly Flash QuantumOfIAmAldarion

This week in a nutshell!

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The Buzz Team MikaMania

Our dedicated family here at the Buzz.

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