Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
Issue: 118   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue #118 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

This week seemed to become a boring one and as the days progressed our writers began to come up with subjects for their boring week articles. Some of them were very happy when bullets did fly in the end of this week, giving them the opportunity to write an action filled article. As a result of this week's boring start, our writers have also written several articles we, as team, call boring week articles.

Due to those articles, we are still able to deliver you with an informative and full Buzz. In this week's issue we will be taking a look at both the Buzz and the BootCast, as well as on all game features. In addition, our writers also interviewed our two newest Moderators and our three new Help Desk Operators to find out how they liked their first two weeks on the job.

Apart from these articles, we also have several reports on the action filled things that happened this week. The action mostly came from the land of crews, as we saw the return of The Notorious Gangsters, had to witness how Save The Whales insided The Corleones and noticed how The Black Birds came under attack due to a casino dispute.

As always, we have our weekly segments such as 'Behind the Name' and 'A Year Back' ready for you. 'The Weekly Flash' is in this issue as well after having been absent for a week. We are sad that we cannot present you with 'Telling It Like It Is', however that article will be there again next week.

We hope that you will enjoy the articles our writers came up with, and would like to remind you that those articles can also inspire you to come up with an article of your own. As is said in one of this week's articles, you don't have to be a professional writer to submit one. So get your writing head and write that freelance article!

In relation to that, we still welcome new writers with open arms. If you love to write and like to get to the bottom of things that happen on Bootleggers than you might be interested in becoming a Buzz writer. Read the reprinted version of 'So You Think You Can Write?' in Issue 97 and get your keyboard going. Submit your sample article via the 'Application' option in the drop menu and give us a week to get back to you. We love new colleagues, so we will make sure not to forget you!

As always, enjoy this week's read and stay safe.
Take care and see you all next week!

The Black Birds Shot Down! BrickTamland

It was a Saturday evening and nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. All of a sudden, Ronariom, the Nevada State Don who had been promoted not even a day before, was shot down.

Read the entire article...

STW inside TC Mikamon

At the beginning of this week, it was rather boring other than the occasional crime. Little did we know Save The Wales was planning to inside a crew.

Read the entire article...

Two Weeks Later Mikamon

Upon seeing this title, one might expect this article to cover something regarding the crew Bootleggers once knew as Two Weeks Later and was renamed into False Impression, however this would not be the case.

Read the entire article...

The Making and Shaping of the Buzz iSmurf

The Buzz was first published on December 17th, 2006. The Buzz has, since then, delivered a fascinating and informative read every week, no matter what.

Read the entire article...

Features of Bootleggers vTarquiNv

Since the very first day of Bootleggers back in 2003, countless new features have been added to Bootleggers to help improve the quality of this game. The Buzz caught up with a number of players...

Read the entire article...

Behind The Name Nyxxie

Check out the two victims of this week's Behind the Name!

Read the entire article...

The Notorious Gangsters Return! BrickTamland

After Goonsquad had bought their crewspot from Perpetual Elysium, they were not able to keep a hold of it as The Notorious Gangsters wanted their crew back on the statistics.

Read the entire article...

The Ups and Downs of the Nevada State Don! iSmurf

Nearing the end of the week, we saw Ronariom become the latest State Don for Nevada, as the spot was cleared earlier as iSilverPearl was killed as a consequence to his killing spree.

Read the entire article...

Two Weeks Later HDO style OvermindEV2

In this issue of the Buzz we caught up with our two weeks old Help Desk Operators, SplitPersonality, DrZoidberg and Mikamon. To see what they do as a HDO.

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers BootCast iLuMP

This week we investigated the BootCast. The Buzz wanted to know what it was like to be a listener, a DJ and hear everybody’s views of it. Coming up is an interview the head of BootCast, a DJ and a listener.

Read the entire article...

The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

Check out what happened on Bootleggers this week. A short summary and additional information on events that might not have been covered are in this Weekly Flash!

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A Year Back Nyxxie

Check out what was happening to the game this time last year.

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our little Buzz family.

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