Sunday, October 26th, 2008
Issue: 97   Editor: NYX2000

Editors note NYX2000

WELCOME to Issue number 97 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

It's here again! Another fresh Bootleggers Buzz. Nyxxie has been a bit busy this week, but with the lack of events this week, she didn't miss much. After a rather quiet week, our writers have done the best they could to bring you another issue of Bootlegger's own paper.

This week, we saw the total amount of crews drop from eleven to the normal ten. With the wipe of The Imperium, there was one crew less. After being wiped the crew's founder Dagolard decided to disband his crew and call it a day. Even so, the “11th crew”, Helpx loves EL did cause a little stir as the crew remained in the hands of a dead player.

More crew news this week as The Rapture sold their spot, causing it to make a little tour until it finally ended up in the hands of The Organisation. Eternal Defiance also witnessed a little shock as the crew heard rumors there were insiders amongst the members.

Due to real life issues, we don't have “Crew of The Week” and “Buzz Sound Off”. These segments will of course be back for next week's issue. This week, all the other weekly segments such as “Behind the Name” and “A Year Back” are there.

There are a lot of freelance articles this week and we can safely say the Buzz is thrilled to see them. We love to read and hear the stories and opinions of other people about all kinds of Bootleggers subjects. Keep submitting those freelance articles as this is one of the best ways to voice your views to the rest of the players.

As always, we are looking for writers. If you are interested in becoming a writer then read the re-printed version of “So You Think You Can Write?”. Please submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the "Send a" located on the bottom of each Buzz. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead by the time we contact you, please submit the same article all over again! Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

Enjoy this week's read! Take care and stay safe.

And Then There Were Ten Mikamon

Shortly after their return, The Imperium was wiped of the statsistics by the Louisiana State Don dani13. With the wipe of The Imperium there are now ten crews on the statistics again.

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A Crewspot Changing Hands Mikamon

At the beginning of this week, Bootleggers witnessed the crewspot owned by The Rapture turn into Oblivion. However, Oblivion decided to sell and their spot ended up in the hands of The Organisation.

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Obituaries RonBurgundy

Those who have lost their virtual lives during the period of last week, starting October 18th, ending October 24th. May they rest in Bootleggers peace!

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A Year Back Mikamon

A look at the game, this time last year.

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So You Think You Can Write? Mikamon

The Buzz is looking for writers!

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Helpx Loves EL Hit! RonBurgundy

Earlier on this week, after an 11th crewspot had appeared on our Statistics page, one of the two created one second apart was named Helpx Loves EL. However, their attempt was desperately challenged.

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Dead Crew Holder? Vistronic

After Helpx loves EL got shot, the Bootlegger's community was surprised to see the crew remain in the hands of a member that had been killed.

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All Words, No Actions Vistronic

On Saturday the 25th of October, Operation posted in the Game forum a topic which startled the whole Bootleggers community. For in the topic, it was stated that big shootings would be coming in the near future

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Behind the Name Mikamon

A new week and three new victims!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles Mikamon

Shaggerty: Settling The Rumors Hypnos

Shaggerty takes a few moments to explain his side of the recent hitlistings and suicide.

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Dissension amongst the ranks DJMags

Read what Maggs has to say!

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Bootcrews - is a private script fair? AntiStalkFeature

This article won't be discussing the typical fairness of the stalk feature in and of itself. Instead, it will be discussing the fairness of the information the bootcrews bot gathers being provided only to a private audience instead of to everybody

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Watch out with Bumping LegendaryBusterz

Sabin recently made a sticky about bumping. Still alot of people don't now what is bumping and what is spamming! Want to know? Read on.

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Stock market - Needs an update? Conquest

Well, hardly anyone uses the stock market anymore as it doesn't give tremendous amounts of profit. Only the first timers would use it to gain little money. So this leads to my question: IS it time for the stock market to have an update?

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Revenge is a Meal, Best served cold!! FrankxLucas

Have a little look in the diary of a gangster.

Read the entire article... JayEff

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