Sunday, May 10th, 2009
Issue: 125   Editor: Mikamon

Editors note Mikamon

Welcome to issue 125 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Another week passed, and another Buzz has been put together and has been published. Our writers are still being forced to spend their time on revision to ensure them a decent result on their exams. As a result we regretfully have not been able to gather as much information as would have liked to do. Therefor, before continueing, I would like to encourage everyone who feels that something is incorrect or is missed regarding an event that we did cover to either send in a freelance article or to contact me, so that we can make up in the next issue if it turns out that our articles lacked vital information.

With that said, on to the news, because we have seen quite a lot of bloodshed in the past week. May 4 has been marked as “Bloody Monday” by some as Club Boogie and Strictly Business unleashed havoc on their enemies. The Buzz recorded over 321 within those 24 hours and of course also witnessed all the threads on the game forum. Apart from paying our respect to the fallen, we were of course excited because this event provided us with articles to write.

In the aftermath of this enormous killing spree, Winter Hill Gang was shot and lost their spot twice. The spot was occupied by The Usual Suspects for a while, and is now sold to The Notorious Gangsters. More news from the land of the crews, as Gentlemen of Fortune merged with The Maranzano Camorra and formed The Maranzano Gentlemen and allowed the other spot to drop. It was picked up by Schutzstaffel and sold to The Blood Pact. In addition, The Direct Rule also sold its spot to The FataL Wounds, causing another change in the statistics.

This week we have three weekly segments in store for you. Some might already have noticed the thread in the Game Forum, because after a long absence, the Buzz is proud to present the return of the 'Buzz Sound Off'. 'A Year Back' and 'The Weekly Flash' are there again as well. We have good hopes to have 'Behind the Name' make its comeback somewhere in the next couple of issues, specially because the team understands this was a popular segment. Due to our large team there has been decided to stop our active search for writers. Of course, those who wish to become a writer may still submit an application article and these will still be reviewed, however unless we feel you have an exceptional talent, all applicants will receive a reply about their application when we have a new need for writers.

We sincerely hope this issue of the Buzz meets your expectations, and as always, enjoy the read, stay safe, and see you all next week!

An Ongoing Fight Mikamon

The first day of the week started as any other Monday, and any other day, for most people. However, little did they know that the majority of Bootleggers would later be shocked by a lot of deaths and crews that would be put at risk. Stricly Business targeted its seemingly eternal enemy, Eternal Labyrinth.

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Return of The FataL Wounds TheDadMan

This week, a familiar name cropped up on the Statistics page as The Fatal Wounds returned as a crew after a fairly long absence from the public eye. Taking over from where The Direct Rule left off, The Fatal Wounds now take pride of place as one of the ten 'official' crews on the statistics page and we at the Buzz managed to get in touch with GodFother, one of the owners of the crew to get more information.

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Interview of HDOs Mikamon

Normally the Buzz would be more inclined to interview Admins or Moderators, but this time we have decided to let you take a look at Bootleggers through the HDOs eyes. The HDOs we interviewed were Mikamon and KamakazeDavid.

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Bootleggers Buzz Sound Off Mikamon

The Buzz Sound Off returns!

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A Year Back Mikamon

Check out what happened in the game a year ago!

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Ombra Di Lucifier Attacked IAmAldarion

Past Monday, several crews were victim of a huge spree. Both Strictly Business and Club Boogie killed a lot of people in their (own) sprees. Although we’ve seen sprees equal to this before, this was the longest spree in a long while. It first seemed that both crews were shooting together. This happened not to be the case; both crews separately planned their attack on the same day.

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New Crew: The Blood Pact OvermindEV2

In this issue of the Buzz we saw the spot of Gentlemen of Fortune drop down of the statistics. A one his dead is another his bread as some people say. With that we welcome a very new crew, The Blood Pact. We caught up with Dextromethorphan to ask him some questions relating to his new crew.

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Winter Hill Gang: On, off, on and off again! Mikamon

In addition to the spree of last Monday, Bootleggers saw yet another crew that came under attack. After Eternal Labyrinth, Ombra Di Lucifer and The Direct Rule, Winter Hill Gang was one of the crews that got attacked and was removed from that statistics.

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The Weekly Flash IAmAldarion

The week in a nutshell!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

The team that brings you the Buzz.

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