Sunday, December 24th, 2006
Issue: 2   Editor: Nobody

Editors note Nobody

With Christmas just around the corner we began this week with quite a boring start. Not much was happening and there was nothing worth reporting on - I was personally thinking of there being no Buzz for this week. Then suddenly we saw a takeover and an attack against one of the strongest crews Bootleggers has seen - it was pure gold for a writer.

This week we cover the known events of shootouts, some typical issues that many address to and an overall look at things. We also have 5 freelance articles published this week.

I would like to thank most people for being mature in the STICKY topic about the first issue of the Buzz and all feedback has been taken into consideration. I do hope you enjoy this issue.

We are unable to perform any contests as nobody has been advertising so this feature is still on delay for the first use.

On a more relaxing note, we here at the Buzz would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Spend it with family and relatives and we hope you get everything you wished for - just do not be bad. Have a great day and even if you do not celebrate it, I am sure you will have a jolly day anyway.

Path To Hell Nobody

The Big Bang: once associated with the Dinosaurs and now associated with Bootleggers. An unknown attack on one of the strongest crews comes with a mass spread of panic in the forums.

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MrHansamann: Where For Art Thou? FlameS

With the Jordanian's claiming war against the Legion and overthrowing their rulers; a crew war turns bloody.

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Chicken or the Egg? Nyxxie

Controversy at it's finest. Who adds up when it's one mafia, text-based game verse another?

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God Save our Crew Boss TheSnake

Name: YOUR NAME / Boss Of: YOUR CREW. Is this something you dream about? If so, maybe this is your chance!

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Play on Fellow Bootleggers! NyxxieV2

With one of the downtimes removed for good, Bootleggers play on throughout the 7th hour!

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The Christmas Story Animosity

Curious as to the reason behind Christmas and Saint Nick? Well it's time to remeniss the real reasons behind why we celebrate Christmas.

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Path To Heaven Nobody

The Big Bang: the side of the story you may or may not want to hear. What actually happened when Revelation were hit and how did they cope?

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A Stamp, A Promise... Oh And Respect Animosity

What makes us tick? What makes us do what we do? Maybe it's time to reflect on what people 'really' feel about respect and the way we act on Bootleggers.

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Dirt, it's what's for dinner TrojanCube

Dirty? Nope, it's cleaner than your mother's kitchen cabinets, buddy.

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Shooting! Nyxxie

Who thought a race to kill one of the most jolliest would be the most sought after? With a Sony Playstation 3 over his head as bounty, Santa Clause better round up his fastest reindeer and hightail his way to the local protection link and buy himself some points for a Cadillac V16 Armored Limousine -- he'll sure be needing it!

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Bloodlust - The Overlook NyxxieV2

Mayhem, destruction, a proverbial bloodbath; all understatements, nevertheless the only words that can come close to describing the actions we’ve seen this past week.

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Freelance Articles Nobody

The following set of articles are that of the public - a big thanks to those who sent in freelance articles and a congratulations to those that made publication.

Signs Of Being Addicted To Bootleggers kinghenryviii

The signs that show when you are addicted to Bootleggers.

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Beyond The Reset CitizenErased

The reset occured but are we still missing that special something? We suggest ideas but are they getting noticed?

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Guns: Too Dear? pate21

Either lower these prices or make them worth it - that's the arguement many would give.

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Casino - High max or High price Irrad

A Casino - a piece of property that many people wish for but are the reasons behind why they buy them, the way it should be?

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VooDooDoll - Interview conartist125

Another HDO and another Help Desk Operator - let's see what she's like. That's right... Another woman!

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