Sunday, October 12th, 2008
Issue: 95   Editor: NYX2000

Editors note NYX2000

WELCOME to Issue number 95 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

What a week! It was a very busy week for the crews of Bootleggers. In only seven days, we witnessed several crew wipes, sells and the return of known crews. Alongside the crew activity, the staff decided to update Family Account rules. They became less strict and now allow players that share IP to play the game more freely. Speaking of the staff, this week ended with a bang as Moderator Shaggerty killed his own account and disappeared, leaving the players to wonder what had happened.

One of the crews that met their end not once, but twice this week was The Deadly Alliance. Alongside with Gangster Sanctuary and The Rising Shadow, they had to wave the statistics goodbye. Apart from goodbyes, we also had welcomes this week. Strictly Business, Winter Hill Gang, The Imperium, Mobb Figaz and Alliance found themselves listed on the statistics page.

This week also has all the weekly segments such as “Behind the Name” and “A Year Back”. Sadly, “Did You Know” has been postponed due to the busy schedule of our writers. To compensate the lack of this, the Buzz is proud to re-introduce “Crew of The Week”, which will be starting as of this issue.

As always, the Buzz is looking for writers. If you have what it takes to become a writer, feel free to read the article from issue 85 to see what we look for. Please submit a sample article of a recent Bootleggers event via selecting Application in the “Send a” located on the bottom of each Buzz. Remember to mind your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you are dead by the time we contact you, please submit the same article all over again! Your articles will be reviewed as quickly as possible but please have patience, we won't forget about you.

Sadly, there aren't any freelance articles to publish this week. Remember that everyone can write and submit a freelance article. As long as it contains Bootleggers related information and isn't against the ToS, every single freelance article is published. Submitting a freelance article is the opportunity for each of you to have a voice about the game and possibly share any thoughts that you may have with the BL community. So start writing those thoughts down, there is a spot in the Buzz that is waiting for them!

Enjoy the read!

TDA and TRS Wiped! SalmonV2

When it seemed this week would be a simple boring old one in the world of Bootleggers, Eternal Labrinth decided to continue the traditions of late and attack The Deadly Alliance and The Rising Shadow.

Read the entire article...

Bye Shaggerty! NYX2000

We say farewell to Shaggerty, or do we?

Read the entire article...

A Fresh Start For Mobb Figaz! JoeyDaWhopper

This week Mobb Figaz was shot, dropped and picked back up, all within an hour. They even had 'New management' slapped on their crew profile. A lot was going on in the Mobb Figaz camp it seems.

Read the entire article...

Bye GS, Welcome SB! Mikamon

Only a short week after their return, Gangsters Sanctuary (GS) is wiped of the statistics by Eggciting. Killing 37 accounts, Eggciting caused the GS crew spot to drop.

Read the entire article...

EL attacks TDA again! SalmonV2

Just as The Deadly Alliance was re-establishing on the statistics page, another attack came from Eternal Labyrinth...

Read the entire article...

Contest Results! NYX2000

After a week of people hunting down the player they thought was the chosen (I use that word loosely) one for them to kill, we finally have winners!

Read the entire article...

Behind the Name Mikamon

A new week and three new victims!

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Deregulates CharlesLucianoX

After the dilemma many players were complaining of, such as the attempt of someone on you Family Account attempting to get you banned, was solved.

Read the entire article...

The Return of Winter Hill Gang Mikamon

After a short absence, this Wednesday marked Winter Hill Gang's (WHG) return to the statistics. The well known crew replaced The Deadly Knights (TDK), who had decided to sell their spot.

Read the entire article...

Welcome back The Imperium! SalmonV2

This week, we saw the return of The Imperium. This crew from earlier this reset used to be ran by Dagorlad and Phief. Recently, our very own Buzz Writer Provert was promoted to The Imperium Directorate.

Read the entire article...

Crew of the Week! JoeyDaWhopper

The Crew of the Week is back after a lengthy absence from The Buzz! To start the ball rolling, I will be reviewing The Order.

Read the entire article...

A Year Back MikaArdai

A look at the game, this time last year.

Read the entire article...

Obituries SalmonV2

Those who have lost their virtual lives during the period of last week, starting October 4th, ending October 10th. May they rest in Bootleggers peace!

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The Buzz Team Mikamon

Our Team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles NYX2000

Cleaning house DezialBrown

Nevada's lovely around this time of year. I know this because I'm holed up on a stinking cattle ranch making good my alibi....

Read the entire article... JayEff

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