Sunday, February 18th, 2007
Issue: 11   Editor: iAir

Editors note iAir

This Valentine's "Killing is one of the most important aspects of the game, and it should not be restricted," said Bootlegger's administrator, Sabin after being questioned on the guidelines to killing.

And boy, haven't we seen a lot of the "k" word this week! With over 83 accounts lost, it's sure to say that the kill feature was the most used feature this week. Between the Havoc massacre done by FrankWhite to the Novus Ordo Seclorum take-over done by KoA and BigJoe to the bloody Valentine's day casino killing done by Jordan, 83 accounts were killed, four of them being HDOs and four crew bosses.

This week, the word "kill" was not only an action word, but a describing word to explain the actions of this week.

With the controversial promotion of the new HDO, Nyxxie, it's sad to say enthusiasm was killed.

Following, were rumors of exploited points to have been circulating in the game, killing the spirits of many after it seemed like the days of exploiting were long gone.

Although this week has seemed to be a gloomy one, we can turn to the more happier side of things with this week's edition of the Elite Guard interview with Sabin as our Guest of Honor and a nice sit-down chat with the first Legendary Don of the game, Sweetie.

As always, we are looking for writers for the Buzz and all applications can be sent to with a sample article. Please bare in mind your spelling, punctuation, grammar and choice of article and refer to last week's edition article "Your Ticket to the Buzz Forum" for ideas on how to make your article the best it can be!

Elite Guard Interview iAir

Elite Guard--Whoa! Time for Administrator #1.

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Jordan's Bloody Valentine Nyx

Valentine's day was rather bloody in the world of Bootleggers. No love was shown by Jordan for the low-maximum bets many casino holders have when 11 Casino holders were killed.

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BigJoe and Scum: Strike II LadyinGray

Novus Ordo Seclorum was only on the statistics page for no longer than two months before the unexpected fall due to the excessive killings by KoA and instructed by BigJoe.

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Sweetie: Bigger, Longer and Uncut! TheSnake

Three months, 29 days and 220 OC's later, the first Legendary Don of this reset has been named, crowned and congratulated. Now that things seem to have settled down, let's sit down and have a one on one chat with the woman herself, Sweetie.

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HDO Controversy Rile

Congratulations to Controversy, with the promotion of a new HDO, much of both has been flaring all over the Game Forum.

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Did you Know? Nyx

Did you know LoveMachine farts hearts? What else didn't you know?

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Casino: a fraction of fame, Part II iAir

Time for the next approach. Is it really down to us, as players, to sort this problem out? Or the Administration?

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Total Havoc or simply S&E-Figaz out LadyinGray

With a personal and long drawn out vendetta coming to a close, 24 members of Havoc were killed and Mobb Figgaz finally had it's revenge.

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Point Exploit?! Broken

There has been sudden rumors of a point exploit going around. Although the rumors cannot be confirmed by an administrator, keep yourself safe by following this guideline!

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Building An Empire Broken

The thought process and math behind building your own personal empire. How long does it REALLY take to become Notoriously Rich with only the features the game has provided to you?

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Behind the Name Nyx

This week's three "victims," chosen by random are: Zilution, Roderik and Camalus! What don't you know about these players? Find out!

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Buzz Contest Nyx

Buzz Contest number 2.
$100,000 Prize!

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Freelance Articles Nyx

Below are the freelance articles for this week.

For New-Comers Studio76

Are you new to the game and stare at this gray and brown place with a look of sheer confusion? Aside from the FAQs, Help Desk and the help sites dedicated to the game, this is a good place to start as well for a guideline for new-comers.

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Pledge of the Respectables TheSkyOrBust

The word "respect" in "Respectable Don" comes a long way for the first handful. Sky interviews Browneyes, BadGerben and Palmann.

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Corrosives, Gone For Good. Redgie999

Corrosive's slow casino killings result in an untimely death and unfinished business.

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